Lets Ride Motorcycle Pillow Case
Lets Ride Motorcycle Pillowcase

Lets Ride Motorcycle Pillowcase

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Make bed time fun with these personalized Motorcycle pillowcases.  Custom pillowcases for any age or occasion create a happy resting place for your head and a good nights rest.

Each pillow case is made of soft polyester knit or minky style fabric.

Only eco-friendly water based dyes are use, so they do not fade or alter the texture of the fabric during our special manufacturing process.  The fabric stays smooth, it won't crack, chip or peel. There is NO vinyl or rough embroidery.  Suggested you wash in cool water to keep the colors from fading.

What's included in the price:One Double sided pillowcase

  • Size:  Standard Twin Size (30 inches wide x 20 inches tall)
  • Style: We offer 2 different fabric styles
    • Lightweight Knit: Our 100% polyester interlock knit fabric is soft, smooth and very lightweight.
    •  Minky Style: Our 100% polyester minky style fabric is soft and fluffy (Note: This is not true minky fabric with the bumps but has the soft feel of minky).